Doing business in Brazil

Brazil is emerging as one of the global superstars in economic performance and much of this is to do with the relative cost of labour and the economic stability of the country.

The country has focused on having a diverse range of industries making it less prone to downturns in various industries.

Brazil is the biggest South American country and has a extremely large affordable workforce and is attracting a lot of global investment due to the economic and political stability in the country. There are also a number of reforms being introduced by the government which intends to make the country an even more attractive place to do business.

The country is making it attractive to investors to develop industries in poorer areas of the country including various tax breaks and other incentives.

Capital gains is also attractive for foreign investors with locals paying a high capitals gains tax than overseas people.

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Treasury wines suffers US downturn

Treasure Wines Estates┬áhas suffered an embarrassing downturn in their operations in North America. It’s strong push into the market has not lived up to expectations and has resulted in the company having to destroy over $35 million worth of stock as well provide discounts of over $40 million to move other inventory. The company has attributed it’s issues to carrying too much inventory in the region and will use this write down to re-adjust it’s stock levels.

The company, which owns Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Beringer, are trying to rework their strategy in the US and reset their overly ambitious sales targets. The company will remain focused on the market as it is a crucial growth area for the company as the projected growth of wine consumption in the US over the next decade is in the vicinity of over 50%.

The company aims to also improve it’s performance by improving it’s warehousing and logistics.

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The price of chasing customers

The online retail market is heating up and competition is increasing and getting smarter. In Australia, we have seen one of the fastest growth in online startups anywhere in the world with an increase of 200 percent from 2010 to 2012.

There are many techniques to try and beat your competitors but one controversial method is by trying to destroy your competitors by operating at large losses to win market share. One of the most popular companies employing this strategy is The Iconic. The Iconic has hammered the market and offered incentives and attractive shipping conditions to win consumers. They have also offered promotional incentives such as a The Iconic coupon.

It has been revealed however, that the company has lost $14 million since it started and it’s model has started to look a little shaky. The results are spooking one of it’s owners, Rocket Internet, who are now reviewing the operation.

The Iconic have now decided to let go a small percentage of their staff and all eyes will be on the company’s performance over the next year.